Tuesday, March 30, 2010

lois ehlert, children's book author + illustrator

Over the past few months, Silvie and I have been spending our mornings in the toddler's section of the
Westport Library. It's an amazing place; they host free programs for kids of all ages, and they also have really great toddler play areas. While my daughter entertains herself and discovers new-found friends; I sit aside and thumb through some of the artful, inspiring books that surround us.

Recently I discovered the work of
Lois Ehlert, a wonderful artist, author and illustrator. I find her books to be witty and wise, and wonderfully associated with nature.


  1. Lovely blog. The design is so cute and simple. Bookmarked this.

  2. I love her illustration as well. We have the eating the alphabet veggies book. I stumbled on your blog via a thread on LinkedIn, someone cited your portfolio site as being inspiring in the Art of Licensing group. You're portfolio and blog are definitely that... very beautiful stuff. :)