Tuesday, December 8, 2009

DIY Greek Yogurt!

I am extremely excited about this post. I just discovered there's no big secret to the deliciousness of Greek Yogurt; you can make yourself very easily! I already made 2 batches today. And it's delicious. : )

All you have to do is get some Plain yogurt - I used Stew Leonard's Plain which is a bargain at $3 for 5 small containers.

Line a sieve with a coffee filter and pour in the yogurt. Set in a bowl. Cover. And put it back in the fridge.

Every few hours you will see liquid accumulated on the bottom of the bowl. Go ahead an empty the milky water (I believe this is the whey). It will drain through the sieve verrrry slowly.

In about 12 hours, you will have amazing, thick, creamy, Dr Oz approved, Greek-style yogurt. ON THE CHEAP!

Add whatever toppings you like!
My personal favorite is fresh lemon + a drizzle of honey.


  1. That's much cheaper than buying the Greek Yogurt! Yum. My mom has also made her own yogurt from milk, not sure how she does it though.

  2. My friend from Palistine showed me how to do this. We used to just spred it on wheat pocket bread and put some parsley,celantro and some tomatoes. It's scrumptous any way you want to use it. I think it's better than cream cheese.